A collection of resources that fall under the broad umbrella of ‘esoteric’, ranging from magic and the occult, to religious mysticism


Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This resource is somewhat misnamed in that, while is does cover classic Christian works, like the early church, is also includes a lot of more modern works. As well as more esoteric works, like the apocryphal gospels. The works can be read online, mobile, or downloaded and it’s possible to browse by author, genre, language, and format, though the search feature is clunky and its easier to just navigate directly to what you want if you know the title. The online interface is fairly clean and simple to work with. There doesn’t seem to be a denominational focus.  Link:

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The Alchemy Website

Among other things this site offers English translations of a number of alchemical texts from across various centuries. Link:

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Digital Occult Library

Among other things, it provides a list of primary sources for magic-related manuscripts, though only about half appear to be linked to online copies. It was created by a single person so it obviously has gaps. It provides a decent general overview but seems incomplete as of yet. Link:

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Esoteric Archives

This resource has been around for years and offers free versions of Renaissance-era texts, in several languages, related to esoteric practices and traditions Link:

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AlchemyAstrologyClassicsEnglish FolkloreEsotericismFolkloreMythology

Similar to Wikisource, though with an exponentially wider scope, this site has the goal of collection everything in public domain, from text to audio, video, and software. It doesn’t have a specific topic and the search interface is questionable since it relies on metadata entered by users, but if you know the title of the work you’re looking for, it’s probably there. It’s a great resource for finding older works that have been digitized by university libraries. Link:

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Cornell Digital Witchcraft Archive

Cornell University Libraries put together a digital repository of a range of texts. Coverage spans the last several hundred years, though documents cannot be downloaded and the search interface is somewhat basic. Documents are scans of texts and, because most of them are no longer under copyright law, they can be found in various other places online as well Link:

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