A collection of resources that fall under the wide umbrella of ‘history’, including literature from and research about.


Digital Public Library of America

It’s a…digital public library and its collection is as broad as you might expect. The focus seems to be on American heritage items, and most of its partner institutions are American, though it other stuff available. Because libraries often have similar items, and this site aggregates from a number of general digital libraries, there are some duplicates of content. Link:

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World Digital Library

World Digital Library is another source for finding manuscripts and old books, though most of the content is images such as maps or postcards from the 1800s/1900s and a large percentage is in Russian. Link:

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Oxford Text Archive

The Oxford Text Archive is a depository with thousands of items from every time period. They don’t have any particular subject focus and collect materials donated to them. Most of it seems to be focused on Great Britain, with an emphasis on historical documents and religion. Link:

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This resource catalogs things under the broad umbrella of European cultural heritage. There are texts, images, sounds, and videos in at least a dozen different languages. The search interface isn’t the most robust but it seems to have tons of manuscripts and assorted documents on, for example, the history of magic.   Link:

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Corpus Scriptorum Latinorun

This is a fairly in depth resource with the “main purpose of creating a digital library of Latin literature, spanning from the earliest epigraphic remains to the Neo-Latinists of the eighteenth century.” It provides the texts or links to texts and has basic search features and browsing. Link:

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Celtic Literature Collective

The site aims “to collect as many possible early and medieval texts produced in the “Celtic” countries, or on Celtic themes (hence the inclusion of Continental Arthurian works).” All of the included works have the original language of the texts along with English translations, though as the maintainer notes, some of the translations are quite old. Link:

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Greek MythologyMythology

Topos Text

It the site’s own words, “ToposText is an indexed collection of ancient texts and mapped places relevant the the history and mythology of the ancient Greeks from the Neolithic period up through the 2nd century CE.” While it lacks the emphasis on language that something like the Perseus Digital Library has, the translations are more current and the search feature is more nuanced, allowing for terms to be searched for within a specificed distance of characters from each other. Link:

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Digital Occult Library

Among other things, it provides a list of primary sources for magic-related manuscripts, though only about half appear to be linked to online copies. It was created by a single person so it obviously has gaps. It provides a decent general overview but seems incomplete as of yet. Link:

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The Latin Library

The Latin Library is a free collection of Latin texts drawn from public domain sources. There’s no real scope or focus beyond that. It has texts in classical, medieval, and neo-latin. Link:

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Digital Maps of the Ancient World

While the focus is, obviously, on…digital maps of the ancient world, it also includes summaries of some classic works and many bibliographies of recommended reading for numerous aspects of classical civilization as well as resources for students Link:

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Project Gutenberg

Similar to, though predating Wikisource by decades, Project Gutenberg is the original digital library of public domain eBooks. It is a community effort to digitize resources that are no longer in public domain and most texts are available for download in multiple formats. The focus in mainly on literature. Link:

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AlchemyAstrologyClassicsEnglish FolkloreEsotericismFolkloreMythology

Similar to Wikisource, though with an exponentially wider scope, this site has the goal of collection everything in public domain, from text to audio, video, and software. It doesn’t have a specific topic and the search interface is questionable since it relies on metadata entered by users, but if you know the title of the work you’re looking for, it’s probably there. It’s a great resource for finding older works that have been digitized by university libraries. Link:

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ClassicsGreek MythologyMythology

Perseus Digital Library

Tufts University created the Perseus Digital Library project as a collection of sources related to the humanities, primarily ancient Greek and Roman, though some early Christian sources are available. The search interface is not intuitive but every single word in a given text is parsed,  multiple lexicons are housed on the project, and texts are available in both the original language and translations. Link:

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Cornell Digital Witchcraft Archive

Cornell University Libraries put together a digital repository of a range of texts. Coverage spans the last several hundred years, though documents cannot be downloaded and the search interface is somewhat basic. Documents are scans of texts and, because most of them are no longer under copyright law, they can be found in various other places online as well Link:

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