Folklore Posts

  • What’s the Evil Eye?
    This might be one of the most common beliefs in the world. For as widespread as it is, it also shows a great deal of consistency in terms of the Read More
  • What’s an Archetype?
    An archetype, in its most general sense, is a recurring symbol, character, theme, or motif that appears in literature, mythology, folklore, religion, and other forms of storytelling across different cultures Read More
  • Attributes and Legends of Birthstones
    Birthstones are the specific stones associated with the month a person is born. The concept is relatively old, but there is not an ‘official’ list, unlike there is for the Read More
  • Off-leash: Exploring the Fascinating Role of Dogs in English Folklore
    Everybody loves dogs! Okay, not everybody. Some people don’t, and that’s fine. But given the sheer length of association between humans and dogs, no one can deny the links between Read More
  • What’s a Black Dog?
    What’s a Black Dog? Well, not dogs. Not really. It’s clear from descriptions that they are something else, some variety of spirit that sometimes takes other forms in addition to Read More
  • Folklore of Diamonds
    Diamonds: Toys of the rich and oddly attractive for curses (see: Hope Diamond, among others). Because we really like shiny things and because it has a few unique properties that Read More
  • Mythology vs. Folklore
    Round one! Fight! Okay, not a fight. It’s just useful to look at the two together in order to better understand both. Defining Myth Nationalmuseum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Read More
  • Pentagrams vs. Pentacles: What’s the difference?
    Pentagrams vs. pentacles: what’s the difference? This general symbol, the five-pointed star, might be one of the world’s most maligned and misunderstood symbols. Often used in pop culture as a Read More
  • Demonic Dogs in English Folklore: A Complete(ly Incomplete) List
    Despite the well-earned reputation that dogs have as “man’s best friend”, people have never really lost sight of the fact that they can be deadly. There’s a reason we have Read More