Glossary of Divine Groups in Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has a lot of deities. Like, seriously, a lot! Many of those are minor or local and, for the sake of classification, and the mythology itself tends to group then in various categories. These groups reflect various aspects of the deities, their affiliation with another deity (Erotes, for example) or their nature as divinities for certain aspects of nature (Potamoi, for example). There are likely more, but here are all of the divine groups in Greek mythology that I was able to find.

AlgeaἌλγεαSpirits of pain and suffering
AlseidsἈλσηΐδεςnymphs of glens and groves
AmphilogiaiἈμφιλογίαιSpirits of disputes, debate, and contention
AndroktasiaiἈνδροκτασίαιSpirits of battlefield slaughter
AnemoiΆνεμοιGods of the winds
AnigridesἈνίγριδεςnymphs of the river Anigrius
AnthousaiΑνθούσαιFlower nymphs
AraeἈραίSpirits of curses
Astra PlanetiΑστρα ΠλανετοιGods of the five wandering stars or planets
AuloniadsΑὐλωνιάςPasture and vale nymphs
AuraiΑὖραιnymphs of the cooling breeze
CabeiriΚάβειροιGods or spirits who presided over the Mysteries of the islands of Lemnos and Samothrace
CharitesΧάριτεςGoddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility
Daemones CeramiciΔαίμονες Κεραμικοί)Five malevolent spirits who plagued the craftsman potter
DryadesΔρυάδεςTree and forest nymphs
EpimeliadesΕπιμελίδεςnymphs of highland pastures and protectors of sheep flocks
ErinyesἘρινύεςThe Furies, goddesses of retribution, known as “The Kindly Ones”
ErotesἔρωτεςAphrodite’s entourage, a group of deities associated with various aspects of love and relationships
GraiaiΓραῖαιThree sister goddesses who shared one eye and one tooth among themselves. Sometimes confused with the Moirai
HekatoncheiresἙκατόγχειρεςThe Hundred-Handed Ones, giant gods of violent storms and hurricanes. Three sons of Uranus and Gaia, each with his own distinct character.
Hesperides´Εσπερίδεςnymphs of the evening and sunset
HoraeΏρεςThe Hours, the goddesses of natural order
HysminaiὙσμῖναιSpirits of fighting and combat
KeresΚῆρεςFemale death spirits
LampadesΛαμπάδεςTorch-bearing Underworld nymphs
LitaeΛιταίSpirits of prayer
MachaiΜάχαιSpirits of fighting and combat
MaenadesμαινάδεςCrazed nymphs in the retinue of Dionysus
ManiaΜανίαSpirit or spirits of madness, insanity, and frenzy
MeliaeΜελίαιnymphs of honey and the ash tree
MoiraiΜοίραιThe Fates
MusesΜούσαιGoddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets
NaiadesΝαιάδεςFreshwater nymphs
Neikeaτὰ ΝείκηSpirits of quarrels, feuds, and grievances
NereidesΝηρηίδεςSea nymphs, daughters of Nereus
NesoiΝῆσοιThe goddesses of islands
OceanidesΩκεανίδεςSea nymphs and patronesses of bodies of fresh water
OreadesὈρεάδεςMountain nymphs
OureaΟὔρεαThe gods of mountains
PegasidesΠηγασίδεςnymphs associated with wells created by Pegasus
PhonoiΦόνοιSpirits of murder, killing, and slaughter
PleiadesΠλειάδεςGoddesses of the star cluster Pleiades and were associated with rain
PotamidesΠοταμίδεςnymphs of rivers
PotamoiΠοταμοίGods of rivers and streams of the earth
TritonesΤρίτωνεςFish-tailed spirits in Poseidon’s retinue
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