Glossary of Types of Nymphs

Greek mythology has various types of nymphs, who can be divided into various categories and subcategories, based on who their parents were or what type of natural feature they were associated with. These terms may not necessarily be standard or even common. They may be terms that were only used once by a single poet, and whether or not they figure into any major stories varies tremendously, but there are all terms that have come down to use from surviving stories and literature.

AlseidἈλσηΐδεςNymphs of Glens and Groves
AnthousaiΑνθούσαιNymphs of Flowers
AuloniadsΑὐλωνιάςNymphs of mountain pastures and values
CrinaeaeΚρηναῖαιNymphs of wells
DaphnaieΔαφναιηNymphs of laurel trees
DryadsΔρυάδεςTree Nymphs
EleionomaeἘλειονόμαιNaiads of fresh-water marshes
EpimeliadΕπιμηλιδεςNymphs of fruit trees and protectors of sheep
HamadryadΑμαδρυάδεςNymphs of oak trees, closely bonded with a particular tree
HesperidesἙσπερίδεςNymphs of sunset and evening
HyadesὙάδεςRain nymphs
LampadesΛαμπάδεςNymphs of the Underworld
LimnadsΛιμνάδεςNaiads of lakes
MeliiaeΜελίαιAsh tree nymphs
NaiadsΝαϊάςNymphs of Fresh Water
NereidsΝηρηΐδεςNymphs of the sea
Nymphai HyperboreioiΝύμφαι ΥπερβόρειοιNymphs of Archery
OceanidsὨκεανίδεςdaughtes of Oceanus
OreadsὈρειάςMountain Nymphs
PegaeaeΠηγαῖαιNymphs of springs
PegasidesΠηγασίδεςNymphs of wells and springs, specifically those associated with pegasus
PotamidesΠοταμίδεςNymphs of rivers and streams
ThriaeΘριαίNymphs of the spring of the Corycian Cave
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